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Marina Lighting

Get free marine lighting layout! Mod-U-Dock is now working with Eaton Marina Power and Lighting to provide top quality light and power pedestals. (Solar lighting also available for post covers.)


Dock Installation
Mod-U-Dock modular docks are specifically designed for ease of installation. Sections are connected using our rugged galvanized steel brackets and hardware. All brackets receive a marine-grade powder coat finish for dock aesthetics and maximum durability.

These are the basic brackets involved in installation: outside corner brackets, straight brackets, and inside corner brackets. A crown/4-way bracket is used if four corners intersect. These innovative brackets are extremely strong and durable, and provide all that is needed to create any dock design.

Outside Corner Bracket Outside Corner Bracket (a) Straight Bracket Straight Bracket (b) Inside Corner Bracket Inside Corner Bracket (c) Inside Corner Bracket 3Way Inside Bracket (d)

Dock Kits

Mod-U-Dock is pleased to offer pre-packaged dock configurations or starter dock kits to take the guesswork out of your design planning. The packages below come in both stationary or floating, and can be installed either right or left-handed where applicable. A small amount of customization is required to fit docks to individual circumstances (depths, etc.), but this gives a good conceptual idea of designs and costs.

Dock kits include modules and connector brackets. Stationary docks need to be adjusted for installation depth. Floating docks include premium 12" floats but do not include anchoring systems (pilings, cables, or anchors).

Click configurations below to enlarge and see parts diagram.
"Straight" Dock
"L" Dock
"Platform L"
"T" Dock
"U" Dock
"Offset - U"
STN - Stationary Dock         FLG - Floating Dock
May be installed either right or left-handed where applicable. Configurations shown use 4 foot wide by 8 foot long modules. Stationary configurations are also available in 3 foot wide for each design above. Contact your dealer or Mod-U-Dock for current pricing information or catalog.

Custom Dock Design

Mod-U-Dock's modular design also provides nearly limitless dock design and dock building possibilities. You can customize any dock system to meet your needs, and installations can be added on to or modified for future use.

Listed below are but a few dock design ideas. Select any design for enlargement with a list of parts needed. Or, use your imagination and create your perfect custom design offline. Designs can be configured either as stationary docks or as a floating dock system.

Custom Design Suggestions - Click configurations below to enlarge!
Idea #1 Idea #2 Idea #3 Idea #4 Idea #5 Idea #6


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