Maintenance-Free Decking

Top quality maintenance-free decking is permanently affixed to the dock frame. The light weight of the decking facilitates transportation and installation.  The decking feels good on bare feet and remains cool even in intense heat. It comes in either “solid” or “open tread.” The solid decking is available in white, tan, and gray.  Open tread decking comes in khaki in addition to white, tan, and gray.  Decking boards can be sold separately.

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Pump Platform Docks, Dewatering Docks, Water Filtration Docks

Solid Decking

Mod-U-Dock’s standard solid decking is a high quality, marine grade, UV-inhibited PVC. It has a lifetime residential warranty and 20-year commercial warranty guaranteeing that it will not peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, chip, crack, corrode, pit, or abnormally discolor under normal use. It is ADA compliant for slip resistance wet or dry. It has a luxurious and sporty cross-hatch pattern on a solid background.

Open Tread

Like the solid decking, the open tread is maintenance-free, slip resistant, and stays cool in hot temperatures. The open tread is UV-inhibited polypropylene. It is even a little lighter than the standard solid decking planks. It has an open web chevron pattern which allows sunlight and waves to pass through, minimizing storm surge where applicable and allowing light to pass through.  The open tread has a limited lifetime residential warranty and a 20-year commercial warranty.

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