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Dock Bench

Mod-U-Dock benches provide cool comfort, lasting durability, and clever style. The bench design is sporty, functional, and made for comfort. Cool to the touch even in extreme temperatures, the Mod-U-Dock bench is perfect for relaxing on your premium Mod-U-Dock floating dock or pier. By utilizing aluminum and stainless steel structural components and the same UV-inhibited PVC as in the dock sections, we are able to extend to our customers a limited lifetime bench warranty.

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Dock Ladder

A must for docks serving a swimming area, ladders are available with 3 to 5 rungs, and can be mounted on the sides or ends of any Mod-U-Dock section. Non-skid treads ensure safe exit to and from docks. The tread is welded on the aluminum and therefore cannot become detached.

Installation of the dock ladder is both quick and easy. Use of top quality brackets ensures an exceptionally sturdy installation. And, upon installation, Mod-U-Dock powder coated aluminum provides superior resistance to corrosion.

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Dock Box

Our dock box is available in both triangular and rectangular shapes and can be installed on the dock or inside a corner module piece. This sturdy, weather-resistant storage container is convenient for various boating and fishing gear and is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Practical and resilient, dock boxes provide a tidy solution for organizing and safeguarding marine equipment.

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The Mod-U-Dock Flip-a-Canoe is for use with canoes and kayaks from eight to 18 feet. A Flip-a-Dinghy is also available. All accessories are easily removed for storage.

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Handrails for docks are essential safety features, providing stability and support for individuals navigating the dock area. They are designed to withstand exposure to water, sunlight, and other outdoor elements without corroding or deteriorating. Mod-U-Dock aluminum handrails are available in both standard and with ADA toe curb. They come in four, six, and eight foot lengths.

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Kayak Rack

A kayak rack is a practical storage solution designed to securely hold kayaks when they’re not in use. We have single and double kayak racks engineered to withstand outdoor conditions and support the weight of kayaks without bending or warping.

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Solar Lights

We have solar lights that slip over existing post covers and cast a full, luminous glow. Solar dock lights not only enhance safety by improving visibility during nighttime activities but also add aesthetic appeal to the dock area.

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Post Covers

Aesthetically, the post covers provide a clean, uniform look by covering the tops of posts with uneven lengths, or eliminating the need to even posts manually. You can “tuck” a little extra length into the top if desired.

Covers also serve as boat friendly dock bumpers. Post bumpers (torpedo bumpers) are also available.

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Dock floats are essential components of floating docks, providing buoyancy and stability to the entire structure. By distributing weight evenly and supporting the dock above the water’s surface, dock floats ensure that the structure remains level and secure, even during changing tides or rough waters.

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