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ADA Compliant

Handicapped fishing docks or piers require low slope gangway or ramp entrance, ADA compatible handrails, slip-resistant surfaces, and adequate room and width for wheel chairs and turn-around.

Gangway slope is dependent on length of gangway and incline to be transversed, keeping in mind water fluctuations. Mod-U-Dock’s ADA handrails take the standard aluminum powder coated handrails one step further by adding a wheel chair curb at bottom. ADA handrails are available upon request.

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Kayak Launch

PaddleSafe Kayak Dock designs offer basic kayak launch design options.  These basic designs can be adapted to attach on to a new or an existing dock.  Alternately, you can add pilings and a ramp and use as is.  Call or email for pricing!  (Design #3A and #4A are set for adaptive paddlers and include a gantry and lift system.)

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Swim Enclosure

The Swim Enclosure is a safe, fun, and cost effective “pool” alternative that transforms the river or lakefront swimming environment. It provides an enclosed swimming area free of lake hazards with a consistent shallow depth for young campers. It eliminates the “yuck” factor by providing a solid bottom and allowing swimming without mud or seaweed. The regulated environment also mitigates fear of the unknown and is easier to supervise.

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dock roof, pier roof, custom dock roof

Dock Roof

Mod-U-Dock’s sporty roof system shields from sun and rain. It is made of UV-inhibited vinyl impregnated polyester fabric. Various colors are available.

The roof system can cover platforms or boat slips. It makes convenient use of existing posts, or posts can be added where necessary. The system is also designed to be easy to install and remove.

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dock roof, pier roof, custom dock roof
pier shore attachments, dock shore attachments, shore attachments for docks

Shore Attachments

Mod-U-Dock can provide custom shore attachments based on topographic features and to meet up with existing structures such as decks, stairs, etc.

Mod-U-Dock modular docks are specifically designed for ease of installation as seasonal docks and for permanent installations where appropriate. Sections are connected using our rugged galvanized steel brackets and hardware. All brackets receive a marine-grade powder coat finish for dock aesthetics and maximum durability.

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