Residential Docks

Our prefabricated modular marine dock systems are manufactured in the United States and are guaranteed with a lifetime residential limited warranty.

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Private Docks

Mod-u-Dock private docks are customizable to compliment the aesthetics of any home, and with nearly limitless designs and dock building possibilities our docks are able to reflect the owner’s unique style and preferences. Cool, crisp, and clean, Mod-u-Dock lends the feel of luxury and comfort while remaining maintenance-free and easy to install.

The dock modules are pleasant to walk on and remain cool even in intense heat. From leisurely boat outings to tranquil fishing excursions our docks provide a seamless transition between land and water, transforming every backyard into a waterfront oasis.

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Kayak Launches

PaddleSafe Kayak Dock designs offer basic kayak launch design options.  These basic designs can be adapted to attach on to a new or an existing dock.  Alternately, you can add pilings and a ramp and use as is.  Call or email for pricing!  (Design #3A and #4A are set for adaptive paddlers and include a gantry and lift system.)

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Floating Vs. Stationary

Stationary docks (piers) are supported at a fixed height above water level by posts at each juncture of modules. They remain at the same level regardless of water fluctuations. Stationary docks are appropriate for many ponds, lake docks, rivers, and more where water levels don’t fluctuate too much during active season and bottoms are not too deep or soft.

Floating docks are buoyant and rise and lower as the water level changes.  They are used where water fluctuations are higher, for excess muck or boggy bottom conditions, with greater depths or slope, or where desired by preference.

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Mod-U-Dock’s standard solid decking is a high quality, marine grade, UV-inhibited PVC. It has a lifetime residential warranty and 20-year commercial warranty guaranteeing that it will not peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, chip, crack, corrode, pit, or abnormally discolor under normal use. It has a luxurious and sporty cross-hatch pattern on a solid background.

Like the solid decking, the open tread is maintenance-free, slip resistant, and stays cool in hot temperatures. The open tread is UV-inhibited polypropylene. It is even a little lighter than the standard solid decking planks. It has an open web chevron pattern which allows sunlight and waves to pass through, minimizing storm surge where applicable and allowing light to pass through.

Our decking comes in khaki in addition to white, tan, and gray.

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