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Campground Docks

Mod-U-Dock is the preferred option for campgrounds and RV parks providing an unparalleled experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Our innovative docks solutions are crafted with precision engineering and durability in mind, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. With customizable options to suit any campground or RV park’s unique needs, Mod-U-Dock offers the perfect docking solution for boating, fishing, or simply soaking in the sun.

We are a proud business affiliate with ACA (American Camp Association) and on the supplier council at ARVC (National Association of RV Parks and Campgounds).  We also work with KOA (Kampgrounds of America, Inc.) and Jellystone/Leisure Systems camps.

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HOA – Condo Docks

Mod-U-Dock provides luxury and longevity for homeowners’ and condominium associations interested in an aesthetically pleasing, quality dock system. Mod-U-Dock is a heavy-duty dock designed to withstand changing water conditions and high foot traffic, our docks are also constructed to be sturdy and slip-resistant. Our simple assembly and low-maintenance requirements make it a cost-effective and hassle-free option, allowing HOAs to focus on enhancing the waterfront experience for their residents while ensuring safety and sustainability. ADA compliant accessories are also available

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HOA Docks, Condo Docks, ADA Condo Dock
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Industrial Docks

Mod-U-Dock is the undeniable choice for any industrial setting including mining, pump platforms, dewatering, water filtration and wastewater treatment. A sturdy galvanized steel frame with maintenance-free decking provides ideal construction materials for most applications. Mod-U-Dock is engineering certified to support 2,000 pounds per four-by-eight section, supported by four corners alone.

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Marina Boat Docks

Mod-U-Dock stands out as the premier choice for marinas due to its luxurious look and maintenance-free decking. Our docks are naturally boat friendly (no scratches) and resistant to impact damage. They require no painting or sealing, and will not rot, warp, or chip. Mod-U-Dock ensures long-term reliability even in the harshest marine environments, minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing operational efficiency. Whether for commercial or recreational use, Mod-U-Dock stands as the optimal solution, embodying reliability, flexibility, and convenience for marinas of all sizes.

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marina boat docks, boat docks for marinas, marina docks for boats
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Federal, State, & Local Parks

Mod-U-Dock designs heavy-duty docks for parks and recreation areas all over the country. Crafted with high quality materials, our dock combines superior structure with a luxury, high-end user appeal. Our dock seamlessly adapts to various waterfront landscapes, offering a customizable solution tailored to each park’s unique needs, and ease of installation makes it a practical choice for park managers seeking efficient solutions. With Mod-U-Dock, parks can enhance visitor experiences, promote accessibility, and preserve natural environments, solidifying our status as the premier dock option for public recreational spaces.

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Floating Or Stationary

Stationary docks (piers) are supported at a fixed height above water level by posts at each juncture of modules. They remain at the same level regardless of water fluctuations. Stationary docks are appropriate for many ponds, lake docks, rivers, and more where water levels don’t fluctuate too much during active season and bottoms are not too deep or soft.

Floating docks are buoyant and rise and lower as the water level changes.  They are used where water fluctuations are higher, for excess muck or boggy bottom conditions, with greater depths or slope, or where desired by preference.

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stationary docks, floating docks, stationary piers

Choose Your Style

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decking for docks, closed decking for docks, closed deck docks

Open Vs. Closed Decking

Mod-U-Dock’s standard solid decking is a high quality, marine grade, UV-inhibited PVC. It has a lifetime residential warranty and 20-year commercial warranty guaranteeing that it will not peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, chip, crack, corrode, pit, or abnormally discolor under normal use. It has a luxurious and sporty cross-hatch pattern on a solid background.

Like the solid decking, the open tread is maintenance-free, slip resistant, and stays cool in hot temperatures. The open tread is UV-inhibited polypropylene. It is even a little lighter than the standard solid decking planks. It has an open web chevron pattern which allows sunlight and waves to pass through, minimizing storm surge where applicable and allowing light to pass through.

Our decking comes in khaki in addition to white, tan, and gray.

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Dock Kit Designs

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