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Dock Accessories

Accessories and decking are available for purchase separately from dock systems. Contact if you need to discuss requirements or accommodations to place items on other dock systems.

Mod-U-Dock benches provide cool comfort, lasting durability, and clever style. They come in either four or six foot widths.  Bench arms are available in either standard design or with built-in cup holders.  (Alternately they work fine with no arms at all.)

The bench design is sporty, functional, and made for comfort. Cool to the touch even in extreme temperatures, the Mod-U-Dock bench is perfect for relaxing on your premium Mod-U-Dock floating dock or pier. By utilizing aluminum and stainless steel structural components and the same UV-inhibited PVC as in the dock sections, we are able to extend to our customers a limited lifetime bench warranty.

A must for docks serving a swimming area, ladders are available with 3 to 5 rungs, and can be mounted on the sides or ends of any Mod-U-Dock section.

Non-skid treads ensure safe exit to and from docks. The tread is welded on the aluminum and therefore cannot become detached.

Installation of the dock ladder is both quick and easy. Use of top quality brackets ensures an exceptionally sturdy installation. And, upon installation, Mod-U-Dock powder coated aluminum provides superior resistance to corrosion.

The dock box can be installed on the dock or an inside corner module piece.  Both triangular and rectangular boxes are available.

The Mod-U-Dock Flip-a-Canoe is for use with canoes and kayaks from eight to 18 feet.  A Flip-a-Dinghy is also available.  All accessories are easily removed for storage.

Aluminum handrails are available in both standard and with ADA toe curb.  They come in four, six, and eight foot lengths.

We have single and double kayak racks.

We have “underglow” solar lights!  The lights slip over existing post covers and cast a full, luminous glow.

The PVC covers match docks and extend about 16.5 inches above the top of the dock, and about 17 inches below.

Aesthetically, the post covers provide a clean, uniform look by covering the tops of posts with uneven lengths, or eliminating the need to even posts manually. You can “tuck” a little extra length into the top if desired.

Covers also serve as boat friendly dock bumpers. Post bumpers (torpedo bumpers) are also available.

Mod-U-Dock shore attachments can be custom fabricated to satisfy installation needs ranging from grade-entry to even the most difficult lakefront installations. We have a full complement of module and seawall hinge kits and hinged ADA complaint transition plates, as well as ramps and gangways. A drawing is requested before a quote for a custom attachment can be provided.

Dock Roof

Mod-U-Dock’s sporty roof system shields from sun and rain. It is made of UV-inhibited vinyl impregnated polyester fabric. Various colors are available.

The roof system can cover platforms or boat slips.  It makes convenient use of existing posts, or posts can be added where necessary. The system is also designed to be easy to install and remove.

Sizes come in standard dimensions but can be customized if necessary.  Cost is based on slip or platform size.

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Handicapped Fishing Dock

Handicapped fishing docks or piers require low slope gangway or ramp entrance, ADA compatible handrails, slip-resistant surfaces, and adequate room and width for wheel chairs and turn-around.

Gangway slope is dependent on length of gangway and incline to be transversed, keeping in mind water fluctuations. We also have ADA hinge kits that let dock owners construct any length ramp desired for a smooth transition to the ground or surface below from top of module.

Mod-U-Dock’s ADA handrails take the standard aluminum powder coated handrails one step further by adding a wheel chair curb at bottom. ADA handrails are available upon request.

The 30′ x 12′ custom floating dock above was designed to provide wheelchair access to avid anglers. Six auger pilings secure the dock and allow it to rise and fall as the water level fluctuates. The 4′ x 8′ hinged ramp provides a smooth transition to the six foot wide main dock leading up to the platform. Both the ramp and the dock are fitted with anodized aluminum handrails. (Wheel chair curb available upon request.) The handrails on the front of the dock are different heights to accommodate fishing from a wheelchair.

Mod-U-Dock offers free design consultation for developing your handicapped compatible fishing dock.

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Kayak Launch Docks

Mod-U-Dock provides a number of kayak dock options and accessories for easy boarding and disembarking. PaddleSafe kayak launch docks feature handrails and can be outfitted for adaptive kayak use.

Select the PaddleSafe link above to view basic kayak launch design options. These basic designs can be adapted to attach onto a new or an existing dock. Alternately, you can add pilings and a ramp and use as is. Call or email for pricing! (Design #3A and #4A are set for adaptive paddlers and include a gantry and lift system.)

The kayak dock floating platform uses eight inch floats for a lower profile and freeboard than standard docks. Stationary platforms can also be used and set with a lower freeboard. The stationary platform shown below uses boarding assist loops. Mod-U-Dock also has single and double kayak racks.

Swim Enclosures

The Swim Enclosure is a safe, fun, and cost effective “pool” alternative that transforms the river or lakefront swimming environment. It provides an enclosed swimming area free of lake hazards with a consistent shallow depth for young campers. It eliminates the “yuck” factor by providing a solid bottom and allowing swimming without mud or seaweed. The regulated environment also mitigates fear of the unknown and is easier to supervise.

Like Mod-U-Dock dock systems, the Mod-U-Dock Swim Enclosure is ADA compliant for slip resistance and there are no exposed surface fasteners. Maintenance is minimal. It is easy to install as well as movable and expandable. And it comes with the same great warranty Mod-U-Dock is famous for, including a 50 year commercial warranty on solid decking!

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